Erica Jane Beckstead, Actor, Makeup Artist, & Community Advocate

Erica Beckstead

Erica has worked in the Entertainment Business most of her life.

A DJ and Assistant Cruise Director for 5 years, travelling the Ocean to see the World a few times over, Erica loved it. Erica went to Russia, Monaco, France, Norway, Greece and then cruised the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean for a few years.

Erica also has passion for reviewing different services and products. She has critic eye and happy to follow case studies like best pressure washer reviews and lawn mower reviews She is continuously studying different products and services.

In 2007 Erica took a break from Cruising & went to work for Club Med Florida as a DJ and Youth Activity Coordinator by day, & at night The Country Line Dance Instructor. She lived and worked on site in the city of Port St. Lucie Florida, USA. Club Med is a huge Hotel Entertainment Resort.

Erica also has a passion for working in TV & Film. Close to 20 years, and for the past three as a Makeup Artist

Erica has done so many movies, and a new TV series for A&E. Countless fashion shoots, plus 6 episodes of a Web Series. She has a multi million dollar movie coming up this year that she will be the Key Makeup Artist for, and it will be her biggest accomplishment.

Erica continues to work also work as a Actor whenever she can. Wrapping up being a regular background performer on the new Bravo TV Series airing this December 2nd, A Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.

Erica was also on the New Hit Series on the W Network called “The Audience”.

Erica is Mother to Mason Alberts. She has been in the entertainment and health industry for over 20 years. She has been a Background Performer & Dancer for TV and Film since 1998. She has hosted many Events and has worked as a DJ for several years with Club Med and Princess Cruises. In 2002 Erica became a BC Nurse’s Aide. Working with seniors is what she really loves, and has taken care of Mason’s medical needs since he was diagnosed when he was in Grade 7.

In 2007 she went to work for the summer in Club Med in Florida as a Youth Activity Coordinator, and then on to Be the Dj and Assistant Cruise Director for Princess Cruise Lines until 2010. In 2010 Erica went back to school and Graduated from Sprott – Shaw Community College with a 2 year Diploma in Social Work.

Her passion is being a good supportive mom to her son Mason. In 2012 Erica was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, she currently is healing from 2 fractures in her spine. Today she works as a Volunteer Public Speaker and Family advocate for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. she will be speaking live on her experiences and representing Washington State on July 12, 2012 in Washington D.C. Live from Capital Hill addressing US Congress on the importance of medical treatment for canadians receiving treatment in the USA.

In the last 2 years Erica has worked on her TV Career to stay busy and make an income. You can see Erica in over 50
films. She has worked on Battlestar Gallactica, Caprica, Twillight, The Tooth Fairy, Santa Paws, Santa Buddies, and
Supernatural to name a few. Watch for her 2012 upcoming role as a dancer in Maple Heart the story of Bindi Johal coming soon this year.

Entertainer and a DJ:

Erica has been in the Entertainment Business all her life. Spending her highschool years as a dancer, and cheerleader, she went on to become a DJ. She worked for Princess Cruise Lines, and Club Med, working as a DJ and Line – Dancing and Salsa Instructor.

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