Erica Jane Beckstead, Actor, Makeup Artist, & Community Advocate

Zombie Pageant

Zombie Pageant

Erica loves to participate in pageants so every year you can find her at the Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show &
Convention.  This year in April 2013 she competed in the Miss Dead Dollz Pageant and had a blast see all the fun below.

Watch her live taped performance  &  TV interview with CNC World News.

Wanna know how long it takes to get ready for a zombie pageant?

Well not to mention buying your outfit, that is the main show stopper that’s gonna get you the attention of the judges.

Not to mention you will need a great wig, and will have to hire a make-up artist. Plus you will need shoes ladies, it’s
all about the shoes. Don’t even get me started on accessories, earrings, fake blood, bracelets, and of course don’t
forget those fake eyelashes. After all is said and done, it should take you about 4 hours to get ready. Plus don’t forget
to have a great outgoing attitude to win this game. So show your team spirit and get along with all the ladies. See you
next year.

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